Small Basement & Home Storage Ideas

Where can you find creative basement storage ideas that will work with your small space? Budget Mini Storage has the resources to help you through any storage project—big or small. We’ve compiled storage ideas that can transform your basement into a usable and versatile space. See how Budget Mini Storage can help you create room around your house!

Home Storage & Basement Storage Ideas for Arkansas

Pack Moisture-Proof for Sensitive Items

Keep the contents of your basement storage safe with a few simple steps! Start by packing items in air-tight, moisture-proof containers— essential for preventing mold, rust, and mildew growth. Then add an extra layer of protection by using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity levels and help guard against water damage. With these preventative measures taken care of now, you will not need to worry about unexpected issues later on that could jeopardize your possessions.

Store Up the Walls and Ceiling

Transform your basement to double as an entertainment oasis that’s also great for storage. Maximize the space by utilizing shelving units and hooks to corral items such as tools, toys, linens or even bikes along one wall while freeing up floor area. Shop around to find affordable shelves suitable for long-term use, or install built-in solutions if you prefer a more permanent solution. Depending on height, you can consider hanging stored items from your cellar’s ceiling, too! Long, skinny items can lay flat against your ceiling without taking up much space.

Install a Clothing Rack

Spruce up your space with the changing of seasons! Instead of letting winter jackets and fancy attire waste away in crowded closets, why not give them a designated spot? Take advantage of vertical storage options by adding in clothing racks or hanging sections to keep items wrinkle-free while saving closet space around the house. The result is both stylish and efficient–perfect for any organized home!

Divide Living Room from Storage

Transform your basement with easy storage solutions for an organized and stylish space. Divide off the area to create distinct sections, dedicating one corner or closet to storage items while incorporating multipurpose furnishings that double as efficient hideaways. This allows you to both keep clutter concealed while still maximizing this versatile room’s potential. Use these pieces to section off spaces:

Store Belongings with Budget Mini Storage

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