September 19, 2022

How Much Storage Do You Need to Rent?

If you are looking for self storage space online, it might be difficult to determine how much storage space you need. Budget Mini Storage has the resources to help you make informed renting decisions remotely. Our storage unit size guide breaks down what our different storage units can hold in them, and our online tools make it easy to match you with storage unit to fit your needs. Look through our available storage units to see how Budget Mini Storage can assist you!

how much storage do i need

How Much Storage Unit Space Do You Need to Rent?

Small Storage Units

If you need more space for storage, but don’t have the luxury of expanding your home or office, then consider renting a small storage unit near you. These are the ideal size for storing away a few boxes that are cluttering your space. Just make sure any items you are looking to store will fit in the parameters of the storage unit—large mattresses will be a tight squeeze! You can clear up closets, spare bedrooms, garages, sheds, and other spaces to make room for everyday items. Self storage is an easy way to give yourself all the workspace you need to keep your belongings organized.

Medium Storage Units

Medium-sized storage units are perfect for those who need to store larger items like mattresses, couches and desks. These spaces can accommodate approximately two rooms’ contents, making them versatile for residential and commercial storage use. If you plan to store long-term and swap items frequently, you can rent in the medium range to give yourself extra room in case your load grows over time.

Large Storage Units

We’ve got you covered from your smallest storage loads to your largest. Moving homes, downsizing business, or just trying to organize in general? Our large storage units are equipped to handle any storage need—residential or commercial. We offer a variety of solutions that will suit any storage situation. Contact us today to talk through your rental and be matched with the storage unit of ours that can best serve you.

Budget Mini Storage in Arkansas

Do you have a better understanding of how much storage space you need to rent? For a quick recommendation, check out our storage calculator. The online tool makes renting easy. All you need to do is enter the items you are hoping to store, and the tool will give you a storage unit size that will best protect them.

No matter where you are located in Arkansas, there is a Budget Mini Storage near you. Find our self storage facilities in Conway, Little Rock, Jacksonville, and beyond. We offer a range of drive-up storage units that provide a convenient storage trip and budget-friendly solution. Select locations also have climate-controlled storage, which helps protect against humidity-related damage. Talk to our storage professionals to find the best solution for your needs and budget. They can take you through our online storage rental process, or you can come to the office closest to you to talk through your rental in person. Get started now!

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